Bow + Arrow brings to the world of wedding photography what a glass of Sangria brings to a hot summer's day; something sweet and delicious with a hint of zest! Our fresh, spontaneous, and creative approach, merged with professional photography and fine art backgrounds sets us apart from the typical wedding photography that make some (us included) a tad queasy.  

Let's just say you won't be asked to sit on a tractor or straddle a barbed wire fence, unless of course that's what you want, in which case we'll make it look truly awesome! With resumes that include shooting for music videos, high fashion, fine art, international ad campaigns and celebrity weddings, we bring an unparallelled photography style that would be impossible to find elsewhere. 

We want to get to know you as a couple, find out what makes you smile and from there just have fun and find the most creative and relaxed way to capture your perfect day. (Yes...the rhyming was on purpose just go with it...) 

xoxo Talia + Regina